Group What We Do Emergency Planning & Response

Emergency Planning & Response

Our emergency planning and response experts, Kenyon Emergency Services, enable us to instill our clients with the  confidence that they are ready and prepared for any complex emergency situations that may arise. This is achieved through the delivery of configurable solutions spanning training, consulting and managed services, that have been curated from a wealth of over 115 years experience handling challenging emergency situations. 

Crisis Recovery Services

Owing to their vast array of experience, the Kenyon team are capable in delivering specialist crisis recovery services to clients to support them in dealing with the immediate and long-term consequences of emergencies. This includes clinical and forensic support, search and recovery services, mortuary and repatriation and personal property recovery, as well as fundamental management capabilities in data and logistics.

Crisis Welfare Support

When an emergency occurs, it is critical to ensure that families of those directly affected are provided with the support they need. Kenyon have a proven ability to do just that by delivering logistical support for establishing and managing Family Assistance Centres, as well as deploying trained personnel with soft skills to manage relationships with families at their time of greatest need.

Crisis Communications

Timely and effective communication throughout an emergency is crucial to ensure that stakeholders are kept informed, and an organisation's reputation is preserved. Through the delivery of crisis communication services, Kenyon can ensure that there is a solid strategy in place. This can be coupled with an “always on” approach to ensure that details of the incident are effectively and appropriately relayed, ensuring that those who require accurate information receive it in a timely and professional manner. Kenyon’s Crisis Communications Team is comprised of multilingual media professionals, based in key locations around the world.

Call Centre Services

Following public announcement of an emergency, clients will typically face a surge of telephone enquiries both from concerned families and friends as well as the media. It is therefore important to ensure that there are adequate resources in place. Kenyon have the capabilities in place to manage this, either through their International Call Centre with over 500 trained personnel, and the more specialist Media Call Centre. This ensures that loved ones of those directly affected are kept informed, and media inquiries are professionally responded to with accurate information.