Our Values

As part of the Wheels Up family, we share a strong set of values which unifies us. They are embedded into each of our businesses and are at the heart of everything we do.


Safety is non-negotiable

Safety is the unassailable constant of Wheels Up. This includes how we operate and maintain our aircraft, our workplace and the care in which we interact with and respect our customers. partners and each other. Safety is not just about how we keep our customers safe in our aircrafts, it's also about how we create a safe environment and place to work for our people. It's how we manage our business in service of our shareholders. Safety is the core foundation upon which our entire business is built, and we never compromise it for the sake of expediency, profit or pride. 


We build trust through transparancy

Trust is both a vital operating principle with customers, partners, associates and shareholders and the core tenet of our brand. Our customers trust us with their lives, and the lives of their families, friends and loved ones. Our partners trust us with their own brands, assets and success. Our teams trust that we will do the right thing to support and develop them. Our shareholders trust that we will be responsible fiduciaries. Trust - built through transparency and communication - enables open and honest feedback and fosters teamwork and collaboration. Transparency means people know where they stand. Trust is something we work tirelessly to cultivate and maintain. At Wheels Up we start from a place of trust in that we give each other the benefit of the doubt and assume positive intent.


Deliver results the right way, every day

We have a performance culture where we deliver on our commitments and take accountability when we do not. We do the right thing- even when it's hard or in­convenient. We measure everything. Excellence and winning are celebrated and rewarded, but not at all costs. We believe in achieving our results the right way and bringing everyone along. We have high standards, and we don't compromise them. We live up to our commitments and proactively manage expectations if there are challenges. We are not afraid to take risks and fail fast. as long as the lessons are valuable. At Wheels Up we take charge of our destiny and are not victims of our circumstance.


Build for the future

We are pioneers building a technology platform to disrupt and transform. We challenge norms, the status quo, and are never satisfied with "because we have always done it that way". We build for scale and the long term. We believe that great innovation is only possible in an environment that effectively engages all stakeholders, harnessing their collective intelligence and individual perspectives and executing with excellence to bring great ideas to life. We avoid top-down bureaucratic barriers to successful innovation and understand that great thinking can come from anywhere in the organization.


Everyone is heard here

Each of us is unique, and that's what makes us amazing. We believe in inclusiveness, and celebrate each person's individuality, because there is power in bringing people with different point of view and life experiences together. It's not enough to have a seat at the table; we want everyone to have a voice. Tenure and experience are valued, but everyone in the team has the same accountability to deliver every day and valuable perspectives to contribute. We celebrate and are committed to diversity both inside our company and with our members, customers and partners. When we feel safe and comfortable being ourselves, there is no limit to what we can achieve.